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Ways a Professional Septic Inspection Can Help Home Buyers

Septic Tank in the Garden
You know that getting a home inspection before you buy is a must, but did you know that a home inspection hardly provides any septic system information at all? Because of this, a professional septic system inspection is also a must anytime you're considering a home that relies on septic for wastewater processing. 
Here are four ways a professional septic inspection can help you with the process and decisions involved in buying a home with a septic system.
1. Learn About Major Repairs Needed
If you've never bought a home with a septic system before, you may be rather nervous about it. After all, septic systems aren't really a DIY proposition, and since you can't see it for yourself, how are you to know if it's about to fail catastrophically?
Even the dye test that a typical home inspector will perform only lets you know if the system has already failed catastrophically or not. If the dye is escaping to ground level, something is very, very wrong, but if it's not, that doesn't mean there are no major problems.
An inspection can help put your mind at ease about the condition of the leach field, whether or not there are any blockages in the pipes (especially if you get a video line inspection), the condition of the inlet and outlet baffles, whether or not the septic tank is well-constructed and likely to last a while longer, and other major issues.
2. Help You Get a Better Deal
Anything your septic professional finds during the inspection that may decrease the value of the home won't just make you reconsider buying, it will also put you in a better position to get a better deal on the property. For example, the deal may end up requiring the seller to pay for repairs or you may be able to pay less money for the property because of the failure.
3. Get You Ready for Septic Ownership 
A septic inspection will not only let you know if this house is a good catch, it will help you get started on the right foot with your new septic system. You'll be able to find out where each component of the system is, what it's made out of (for example, if you have a tree-root-susceptible clay pipe for your sewer line), and more.
In addition to getting a good introduction to your new septic system, a professional inspection can help you start a good relationship with reputable septic professionals in the area. And talking through the major findings of the inspection may help you get your head around what major problems the inspector is looking for, how common they are, and even how to avoid them.
4. Provide an Indicator of Good Maintenance 
The septic system is underground, so it's very easy to neglect, especially if it's not giving you any trouble. All too many homeowners take this approach, not realizing that their supposedly benign neglect can actually cause nasty problems with a septic system.
If the seller has been taking good care of the septic system, that's often an indicator that they're conscientious homeowners who have been taking good care of the entire property. Of course it's not a guarantee, but when taken in conjunction with other indicators, it can help you form a more complete picture of the type of homeowners you're dealing with.
These are just four ways that a professional septic inspection can benefit you and your home buying decisions when you're in the market for a home with a septic system. To schedule an inspection today, get in touch with Chuck Keene Septic Tank Pumping Service